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Direct access to Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey the Remote Horse Coach. Join Sam in her live videos, Q & A sessions, and get priority access to new horse learning videos, webinars, courses, and more!
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Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey is based on more than three decades of equine-related experiences as an equestrian student, equine competitor, horse instructor, mentor, equine business consultant, and offering horsemanship clinics worldwide.

Sam offers many services including starting colts and rehabilitating "difficult" horses, working with various breeds, ages, and disciplines at both a local and national level. She teaches horsemanship clinics, groundwork, horseback riding lessons, and more. Her Alternative Horsemanship training approach helps both competitive and pleasure riders of all levels and backgrounds. She teaches Horsemanship groundwork and riding lessons to help riders interpret and understand horse behavior and to refine their communication, and build trust with their horses.

She has lectured, presented, and offered demos at equine symposiums and expos. Sam has taught horsemanship skills and equine behavior to pre-veterinary students, been a featured speaker on nationally syndicated radio programs, and regularly posts to her award-winning horse blog. She also has a regular Horse Trainer column and has contributed to several published horsemanship books.

Samantha Harvey offers specialized horsemanship clinics worldwide working in South America, the Caribbean, the South Pacific, and most recently in Asia. She also offers several intensive Equine Retreats each season teaching horseback riders how to refine their mental, emotional, and physical approach to improve their partnership with the horse.

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Horse Emergencies & Equine Evacuations

Equine Emergencies & Horse Evacuations

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Horse Rider Tips

Horse Rider Communication
Common missing pieces

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Horse Shopping Help 5-Part Online Guide

*Defining & Refining Your Equine Search

*Deconstructing The Sales Ad

*Horse PreView Questions

*Learning to say "No" - 21 Common Scenarios

  • 22 In-Person Tips & Tools

The must-have horse shopping guide that will help you clarify your goals, refine your search, recognize red flags, and build your confidence during your buying experience. The Remote Horse Coach shares insight from over 30 years of buying and selling horses.

"I've bought and sold many horses, and I couldn't believe how helpful this course was. Thank you!" Jillian, MI 2023

"I had ridden for years, but when it came time to purchase my first horse, the thought was daunting. I had heard plenty of horror stories and didn't want to make a mistake. I happen to find this course, and couldn't believe how it broke down the seemingly overwhelming idea of sifting through all the horse advertisements, to a plausible experience. It really worked- I finally found my horse of a lifetime. I'm forever grateful, thanks Sam!" Carolyn, MA 2023


Changing Patterns that Create Unwanted Horse Behavior

November Livestreams - 
Changing mindless patterned horse interactions leading to unwanted equine behaviors.

Part 1 Mental Anticipations
Saturday Nov 5th 9am pst

Part 2 Physical Behaviors
Saturday Nov 11th 9am pst

Part 3 Specificity & Timing
Saturday Nov 25th 9am pst

All LIVESTREAMS are available for replay.

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3 Overlooked Detrimental Factors in Equine Partnerships

Discussing three common factors that trigger unintentional human communication and are detrimental to building the Horse's try, trust, and reasonable behaviors.

October Livestream Schedule

Distractions of the Unexpected
10/9 5pm pst

Previous Anticipation Triggers
10/16 5pm pst

Task Fixation
10/23 5 pm pst

Replays available

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Refining Horse Rider Communication 3-part Livestream

Refining rider self-awareness to improve the quality of communication offered to the horse.

Part 1 Biomechanics of Rein Handling
Saturday Oct 16th 9am pst

Part 2 Finessing the Feel
Saturday Oct 23rd 9am pst

Part 3 Specificity & Timing
Monday Oct 25th 9am pst

All LIVESTREAMS available for replay.

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