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Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey is based on more than three decades of equine-related experiences as an equestrian student, equine competitor, horse instructor, mentor, equine business consultant, and offering horsemanship clinics worldwide.  

She offers many services including starting colts and rehabilitating “difficult” horses, working with various breeds, ages, and disciplines at both a local and national level. She teaches discipline specific and horsemanship clinics, works with Dressage riders, Hunter/Jumpers, Cutting Horse enthusiasts, trail riders, endurance competitors, Liberty devotees, and others.

She developed her Alternative Horsemanship training approach to help refine awareness in both competitive and pleasure riders of all levels and backgrounds. Her focus is to help riders interpret and understand horse behavior to refine their communication, to develop a trusting equine partner.

She has lectured, presented, and offered demos at equine symposiums and expos. Sam has taught horsemanship skills and equine behavior to pre-veterinary students, been a featured speaker on nationally syndicated radio programs, and regularly posts to her award-winning horse blog. She also has a regular Horse Trainer column and has contributed to several published horsemanship books.

Samantha Harvey offers specialized horsemanship clinics worldwide working in South America, the Caribbean, the South Pacific, and most recently in Asia. She also offers several intensive Equine Retreats each season teaching horseback riders how to refine their mental, emotional, and physical approach to improve the partnership with their horse.

She is the REMOTE HORSE COACH offering online and distance horse learning opportunities to both the individual and group equine enthusiasts addressing horse training, Online Horsemanship Courses, Horse Webinars, and LIVE weekly horse coaching videos. You can also visit the 165+ Horsemanship Video Catalogue

For weekly insight and motivation, be sure to join her community of dedicated horse lovers valuing building quality relationships with the horse.

Sam will address many of the overlooked subtleties in both human and equine behavior that influence the horse’s reasonableness and willingness to participate.

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